Can’t all Ambulance Services do what you do ?

No. Many will station and ambulance at your event, but have no idea how to properly protect the event. Just as 20 yours ago one doctor treated everything, as the knowledge grew specialization became a must. Now it has even speed to pre-jhospital medicine. Once upon a time a paramedic was a paramedic. Now the know base is so broad specialization is a must. Today you have paramedics that specialize in Aero-medicine, Bariatric medicine, Combat Medicine, Critical Care Transport medicine and no Special Event and Large crowds. We where the first to specialize 21 years ago as we saw the future.


Experience counts. Twenty One years SEMS has been perfecting procedures, pioneering equipment, inventing technology and teaching others all over the  world. When the 2012 Olympics needs advice they turned to SEMS. We have covered Presidential Ingaurations as well as work the agencies during high profile events that attract high value targets. We are the industry oldest and most experienced Special Event Medical Company. We are so respected in the industry the publisher Jones and Bartlet solicited us to write a certification course to educate other providers.