What is Special Events Medical Services

Historically, the overwhelming concern of special event directors has not been safety or security. September 11, 2001, coupled with escalating litigation targeting special events and the venues that host them have drawn new and intense focus to the field of emergency medicine and event security. This new focus has revealed an urgent need for a viable means of protection. To the credit of the industry, every year more time and energy is devoted to medical contingencies. Because many events and venues find themselves in uncharted territories, they logically turn to doctors, nurses, and EMTs for guidance and service. Although they may be very competent patient care providers in their respective settings, most medical professionals have little to no experience with (special events medicine). Until now there has been no classes or certification in which medical professionals could be trained in specifics regarding (special events medicine), nor is there a national standard or protocol to which a service can be held. The major problem which plagues event directors is largely that, due to scarcely available information and research on [special events medicine], they are left to make relatively uninformed decisions on what would be not only the best way to protect the event goers, but themselves, as well as the venue.

Why Special Events Medical Services ?


Simply put 21 years of experience, we have literally invented, developed and guided the emergence of a new Pre-hospital specialty. Please browse a copy of the book we authored and published with Jones & Barllet of Boston, Ma.

We live in an ever changing world. Society is constantly exposed to television’s depiction of pre-hospital medicine; demanding the same fast, efficient, and professional services of the real world EMS system as the idealized version depicted on television and in the movies. This has created a demand on EMS professionals to become more professional and live up to the highest standards of professionalism and living down the less than flattering images of the ever growing popular anti- hero depicting anti – social behaviors. In the event arena, a providers professionalism will be tested every single time. Gone forever are the days when EMT’s or off duty nurses could show up with minimal supplies and equipment, no specialized training, and provide service without consequence.

To properly provide protection in today’s climate, it is essential to adhere to the highest of standards. The call has gone out and been answered by SEMS, for an organization and standardized methods of protecting events, venues and patrons. For good or bad lawyers, litigation and public pressure have fueled many of the changes to current policies and procedures in EMS, as well as provided an incentive to develop this specialty.

The goal of SEMS is first and foremost to deliver the best patient care possible, in the most challenging of environments. Second is to protect the medical provider, event promoter, venue operator, and insurance companies from being the target of unscrupulous litigators and frivolous or fraudulent insurance claims. Insurance companies and the public  have been clamoring for a better more specialized protection for events and we have delivered.

More is Not Better Done Right is Best

For far too long  emergency services have suffered from what SEMS has coined as “The Saving Private Ryan Syndrome”. In the opening scene of the award winning movie, by Steven Speilberg you witness wave after wave of American soldiers assault the beaches of Normandy, only to be mowed down by machine gun fire and then the next wave hits the beach. That day more the 100,000 soldiers stormed the beaches and essentially over whelmed the obstacle with resources.

In this regard, the modern Fire and EMS systems haven’t change their approach from the 1940′s philosophy. It is no longer acceptable or feasible to ‘ just throw resources at a problem’. For the foreseeable future, EMS will have to do more and more  with less and less.  The public will continue to expect top notch service and accept no excuses. EMS is learning the lesson the military has grown to embrace: that it’s better to rely on small teams of highly motivated, highly trained operators, or better known as the ‘Special Forces’.  EMS is now experiencing that same paradigm shift.  SEMS is one of the first branches of EMS’ s new “Special forces”.

SEMS certified providers and managers are able to analyze an event’s needs, devise a response plan, justify every resources and expense. The EMS Industry must get out of the old way of thinking which bombards every problem with resources, and transition to embrace the new approach.


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