What is Special Events Medical Services

Is a company founded in 1997 by Clay Richmond a former Baltimore City Paramedic. After a particular dramatic call he began thinking there is a better way to deliver care to mass gatherings and special events. Having experience in systems engineering he put to gather a plan and proposal for BCFD. They rejected the idea out of hand, as they did not cover large gatherings and special events , they responded to 911 calls.

As most entrepreneur stories start he took the plan and started SEMS. Twenty One (21) years and 12,000 events  later it is the goto company for special events medical administration, planning and consulting for every type of event imaginable from church picnics to Presidential inaugurations and Grand Prix races.

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Times have changed and willful or blissful  ignorance of the demands requiring adequate medical services during an event or mass gathering is no longer acceptable. Also gone are the days where off duty paramedics and nurse are considered adequate medical coverage. Both to treat a patient legally, and if an event chooses to go this route assumes all the liability, must at the time care is being rendered, first on duty and second working on a doctors license.  It pains me that people still take these short cuts and may get away with it 99 times but time number 100 is the problem. The event organizers and the event itself will be found willfully negligent .

What is the solution? Hire a licensed certified company that specializes in providing care and coverage for the event. Experience counts for everything in this area. What ever company you hire are they properly equipped to navigate the often challenging terrain of events. How much logistical  support with they from the event ?  Too many events look at cutting corners on medical as saving money. True the odds are you probably will not have a serious medical emergency but, like a fire extinguisher it’s better to have one and never need it , than to need it once and not have one.


First Attempt ever at Video Editing

My first attempt at editing video ever… This is the intro for SEMSNation… Let me know what you guys think

Posted by Clay Richmond on Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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